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Looking for a team to play for Improvment

Darrell Destarer

I am a player with almost 10k hours of expierience as a Carry player, looking for a team to improve my performance.

Positive player, not flaming, not infospamming, can listen to my captain.

I havent played soloranked for almost 2 years, so i dont know my current skill level in numbers, all i can say, i that I've been playing at 5k brakets from different accaunts of my friends,
And haven't felt any difficulty, i am well motivated to win games, and can analyze my own mistakes.

Hero Pool: Am, PA, Pl, Tb, Jugg, Void, Ember, Sven, Morph, Ursa, Lifestealer, Sniper, Dusa, Naga Siren.
If you are Intereseted in improvment of your performance aswell as me, and thinking about becoming a pro - please feel free to contact.

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