Пойду в команду по PB играю нормально!!!!!"

Alexander Zolotopupov

What's the best way to raise your solo rating? Many players often ask themselves this question. In this review we will reveal the secret that will guarantee you growth in solo MMR. We will try to convey the basics, and show you those characters that would be the fastest to raise your MMR. Attention! This review is targeting those players that have a low rating. (Under 4000 MMR) General review: Best role for raising your solo MMR: mid-lane player. Next best: hard carry. You dont need to always rely on your team. It is important to use a character that can kill and win in solo. We dont suggest writing insults when you come across a misunderstanding with your teammate or use voice chat. While selecting your characters its better to be polite and explain why you must go to mid. Dont rely on supporters. If necessary, better to buy a chicken, wards, or other consumables. If your team is feeding. Keep on playing. Your goal is to win! Carefully consider the situation. Make every move with due deliberation. It might be better to split push than to run into a very bad battle. Characters 1. Storm spirit PROS Great for harassing enemies due to its passiveness. High mobility due to the ultimate. High split-push potential. Good in 1v1 in the beginning and the end of the game. Great initially. CONS High reliability on mana. Not mobile until the appearance of ultimate. Important! Always carry around the cloak of teleportation due to the characters high split-push potential.(AoE spells + good escape), it is important to leave the lane now and then. Dont neglect buying chickens and wards. Chickens will allow you to abuse bottle and eventually capture the lane, and wards will save your life more than once. 2. Templar Assassin PROS Great for harassing opponents thanks to its passiveness during competent positioning. Refraction allows for a lot of damage, and excellent survival. Great for 1v1 in all stages of the game. Ultimate gives small passive look. CONS Not a lot of range when attacking Very little health and mana in the beginning of the game. Average split push potential. Gets better after the purchase of the dagger. 3. Slark. PROS Strong in all stages of the game. Decent split-push potential. Very easy to learn. Can go for mid just like top/bottom Ideal for boost of solo MMR CONS Skill and item built relies on the situation. When building skills, assess the situation. Perhaps you will not need to be passive on the second skill and it is better to invest on pounce. Here there is a choice between dagger and shadowblade. To your taste and color, but take into account that SB simply contrasts in clearance, heme or sentry wards.

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