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FS: Qualification B
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Team Statistics Before The Major Frankfurt


On the eve of the first major label I would like to share with you some interesting statistics on the participating teams.

Changes in teams since TI5:

EG: Aui_2000 left. Arteezy come.
LGD: Xiao8 and Yao left. rOtK and DDC come.
VG: Hao left. BurNIng come.
Secret: S4, Zai, Arteezy, Kuroky gone. EE, w33, MiSeRy, pieliedie come.
EHOME: zyf, rOtK, DDC gone. old chicken, eLeVeN, KaKa come.
Nb: June, Rabbit, SanSheng gone. Hao, Xiao2le, chisbug come.
Fnatic: kYxY, Kecik Imba, JoHnNy gone. Black, DJ, Net came.
CDEC, Vega, VP: unchanged.
C9: a fundamentally new structure.
OG, [A], Unknown, NewBee.Young, Mineski: did not participate in TI5.

The largest, on average, GPM per game:

1. NewBee.Hao - 609.7 GPM 20 games.
2. Unknown.Dark Konoha - 603.3 GPM 25 games.
3. Fnatic.Black ^ - 581 GPM for 41 games.

The lowest number of deaths on average per game in this patch:

1. Fnatic.Black ^ - 2.9 deaths in 41 games.
2. [A] .Loda - 3 death of 65 games.
3. Unknown.Dark Konoha - 3.4 deaths in 25 games.

Most kills, on average. a game in this patch:

1. EHOME.Cty - 9.7 murders for 29 games.
2. Secret.w33 - 9.3 murders for 40 games.
3. LGD.Maybe - 9.1 murders for 27 games.

Longest distance covered (!) On average per game in this patch:

1. C9.Ritsu - 5825k units in 38 games.
2. CDEC.Agressif - 5395k units in 29 games.
3. C9.MSS - 5095k units in 38 games.

The largest number of breaks in this patch:

1. Mineski - 110 pauses and unpause.
2. OG - 90 pauses and unpause.
3. C9 - 80 pauses and unpause.